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emergency care
"Our hospital is in a unique position to offer major advances in patient care
Will ensure that the latest advances in healthcare research reach patients as quickly as possible.

Ariana Hospital's emergency department is a busy, 6 -bedded facility.  we deal with routine patient inflow as well as patients referred from other hospitals and offer services in all sub specialties of medicine and surgical disciplines.
In emergency department we do triage on all patients. Triage is the mechanism by which we evaluate and prioritize patients based upon a defined system. We also utilize a new concept called RAAT (Rapid Assessment and Treatment) by a doctor at the front door.
Depending on need, we are equipped to take help from all lab tests and radiological procedures to evaluate the patient. Our patients are treated by experienced physicians in emergency medicine and a senior doctor is always available in the department.

•    24/7 emergency care for adults and children
•    Comfortable, healing environment
•    Fast triage and short wait times.
•    Critical cases are seen immediately.
•    Direct access to cath labs allows us to treat heart attacks fast
•    Child Life Specialist available to help children during emergency situations

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